Sunday, 29 March 2015

"Can't Be Bothered" Only One Time

Everyone knows it's better to make your own dinner from scratch rather than 
buying processed food. But sometimes it can get so tedious making food every night from scratch, especially when your day is busy and you don't have time.

Here's a little trick to prepare ready-to-make foods for the rest of the week, or even month by just making the meal ONCE.  Take nut cutlets, for example. Very nutritious and filling. If you make 20 nut cutlets all in one go and freeze them, you only have to get through the "I can't be bothered to do this, cooking is so long" hump just once! This is a very simple recipe on how to make home-made nut cutlets.

Boil potatoes and beans 

Cut the nuts quite big so you can feel the crunch

Mix with salt and peper, spinach, sweetcorns, salmon flakes
 or whatever you fancy
Wrarp individually and freeze them

Coat with flour and fry them with olive oil or butter

If you make 30 frozen cutlet, the life will be easy

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