Monday, 11 May 2015

Not Sushi Every Day Even if I Want to

Remember Try to achieve 30 pieces a day rule ?

 Variety foods make our body balanced and healthy.
When we were little, we were made to eat a variety of good foods,
 but once you get older, you tend to eat what you like or tend to eat easy food.

But this may lead us to delayed allergies.
The symptoms do not always appear immediately after you eat.
It may come out in the evening from the food you take in the morning.
This is due to a habit of you eating the same thing every day.
As the body has released antibodies it leads to the sudden onset of an allergy.

Be careful especially in the morning.
It is easy to eat the same thing, such as yogurt, milk, fruits which could cause allergies.
If you eat toast and yogurt, you will then take rice and fruits the next day.
Just try to balance it out and take different foods.

Do not eat the same food 4 days in a row a week.
This is also good for the brain. 
It's in your control whether you become obsessed by one thing, no attachment. 
Refresh your body and brain every day.

Not Sushi Every Day Even if I Want to

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