Sunday, 8 March 2015

Are Japanese fanatics about healthy food?

Well,  they are traditionally eat mainly vegetables and fish. 
So they do not really feel the need to go through a dramatic change in diet.

And of course, when it comes to white rice, it's a staple in their country.
They can't ever let that go.
Sushi would not go with brown rice!
However, it has become trendy to mix it in with other grains.

Here is a recipe of delicious mixed grains with white rice.

1.) Prepare your white rice into the portion size you want.

2.) Mix with barley, lentils green peas, even brown rice (from a packet of barley mix)
I prefer the grains to be slightly hard, but soak them beforehand if you would like softer ones!

3.) Boil them. I find the rice cooker to work is easy.
Worth investing in too!

4.) Prepare tinned sardines (spring water or brine)
It is good to eat small fish as you can eat the whole including bones
and they are less toxic than bigger fish as smaller ones are at the beginning of the food chain
The bigger the fish is the more toxic...

Microbiotically speaking, it's better not to eat fish or animals that are bigger than you.
In other words, what you cannot hunt by yourself is not for you.

5.) Warm them up in a frying pan just for a couple of minutes.

Important thing here is to use (as I will always carry on saying in this blog)
 Use only good quality oil, such as 100% pure sesame oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Good Oil

Add lemon, lime and a little bit of soy sauce.

6.) Place the fish on top of the rice and add spring onions or maybe some radish, like so...
(I sprinkled ground brown sesame, but ground peanuts or whole peanuts would be just as delicious) *

And there it is! You've just converted an average dish into something very healthy and nutritious and not to mention, absolutely delicious.

No worries. It is always ways around if you do not fancy brown food

* please be advised, the recent EU Law states that peanuts and sesames are part of the 14 allergens, so check you are not allergic!

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