Friday, 13 March 2015

Scale Magic

Make it a habit to weigh yourself every morning. Just place the scale under your sink so that you'll have to step on every time you go to wash your face. The first time you step on the scale you'll probably look at the numbers and never want to step on the scales again, but don't give up. Just step on it again the next day, and the next, and the next...

Most people will start to see a decrease in numbers on the scale, even if they're not on a diet. It's because your subconscious kicks into a healthy mode and in turn controls your eating habits without you even knowing. You start to swap the crisps for an apple, you may ditch the extra shot of caramel in your latte.. anything that won't make the number of the scale shoot back up again.

Don't get obsessive though! Just blend it into your daily routine and see how it goes.

My first scale was only £5

My Latest fancyone.It displays not just your weight, but your muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass...
Great for fitness fanatics.

I feel the lightest after the bath

the cartoon is from google image

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