Monday, 4 May 2015

How can we achieve 80 % fullness?

The answer lies in whether you notice if you are overeating or not

Ask yourself, after meals do you feel:

1.You would not mind having a little more
2.  You feel uncomfortably full and you have to undo your trousers
3.  You feel comfortably full

You will know the real deal within 10 minutes of eating. Your brain will send a signal and you'll start to feel it.

If you know you're someone that overeats, then take these steps..

30minutes before your meal, snack on some nuts or dried fruits

Have soup and start with vegetables and salad, before the main meal

Place a small portion on your plate.

Chew  20 to 30 times

Eat slowly

Put your phone away at the dinner table and enjoy family conversation.

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