Wednesday, 29 April 2015

British Food could never be defeated by any other countries.

I brought our family friend, a Japanese gentleman, Mr Katsumi, an author, ex michellan's judge, to one of the biggest supermarkets in London when he came over.

He loved it.  He was so excited to see all the kinds of foods and enjoyed it so much that he spent hours looking around the shop.

He said, ' Unfortunately English food does not have a good reputation across the world, but look at these fantastic variety of foods.  You are very luck to have all these ingredients from all over the world. You could never be defeated by any other countries! So what British people have to is to use them efficiently and as frequently as possible.

Unfortnately, he passed away last year, but everytime people say negative things about British food,
I am so proud of his positivity and I will never forget it.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Half Onion Slice a Day

Fresh onion is good for your blood circulation.  Try half onion a day.
The succesful point is to learn technique how to cut very finely

Here are some recipes using sliced onions

Avocado, salmon and sliced onion

tuna mayonaise with sliced onion

tofu with sliced onion

Hope you are all having a great day

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Seaweed is a strong ally

Seaweed is very good ally for diet and health

dried seaweed shopped at Japanesse or Chinese shop

soaked in water

It is ready for use, no need to cook.  There are some recipes.

with cucumber and sesame seeds

leafy salad with tofu or feta cheese

with chick beans and soy beans

With Japanese dressing: Sesami oil, rice vinegar (lemon) and soy sauce

(minced onion, minced garlic, minced ginger would also be a perfect match)

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

All you can do is practice

The two essential items for roll sushi is makisu (bamboo mat) 
and your hands.

Bamboo Mat

The bamboo mat is worth investing in if you are getting into making sushi.
You can find them in Japanese and Chinese food shops or via the internet.

I've seen someone using grease proof paper before.
I tried it but it is difficult to control the strength and texture whilst rolling, 

Grease proof paper.

Make Vinegar Rice

How to make Sushi Rice Vinegar

Rice vinegar  90ml
Sugar     3 table spoons
   Salt       half table spoon

(Sushi Rice Vinegar is optional)

You can add whatever you like. Here are a few examples.

Place the items at the end

Roll it firmly with the content with seaweed

Soft but firm pressure with the hands

All you can do is practice

Good Luck!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to make Miso Soup in a relaxed manner

Lots of British people like Miso soup and 
you can buy Miso soup paste in many U.K. supermarkets now. It's so simple to make and it's perfect for a cold night in.

1.) Boil the water

2.) Chuck whatever you want; onions, potatoes, spinach, beans, seaweed etc.
Two or three items at once would be good. The most popular item is tofu and radish in Japan.

(Be careful not to put too many things in though, it'll just overflow!)

3.) Do not boil for too long. 
Remember that the texture of each item is very important.

4.) Put the soybean paste in and gently stir it.  
As soon as the paste melts;
it's ready!

I've put tofu and spinach in mine.

You're probably wondering how do I know how much paste you're supposed to put in...

Just keep giving it a taste. If you think it's too salty, add hot water. Or if it's too watery, then add more paste!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Do It Every Day

You go to a facial treatment once a month to look great...

...but what about the rest of 353 days?

You exercise twice a week...

...but what about the rest of the week?

Do it every day!

You don't even have to sign up to an expensive gym membership. You can buy DVDs for home use and do one workout session a day after you come home for work or after you put the kids to sleep. And if you do have a gym membership take advantage of all the lessons including yoga and dance. The most important thing is to be CONSISTENT!

Friday, 3 April 2015

To those who are unfortunate enough to put sugar in their tea

There are two kinds of people in this world...

Fortunate and unfortunate people.
The latter put sugar in their tea. The former do not.

You're pretty unlucky if you have been raised drinking tea or coffee with sugar.

You may already be drinking it with fatty milk too and maybe you have it with a biscuit or two.. or three.. I don't think you actually realise how much sugar  and fat adds up over time. 

But it is a lot...

 I know tea is a staple in the U.K. and some say a good English breakfast is not the same without sugar, but you have to learn to treat tea with sugar like it's a treat and not a lifestyle habit.

 Here are some ladders to for you climb out of the sugar doodle-bug.

- Have tea or coffee with sugar only in the morning.. Italian roast coffee is great first thing after you wake up.

- Get into herbal teas. They're so much healthier for you and you can drink as many as you like.

- Honey is great. You can buy natural organic honeys from supermarkets and they are a healthier alternative to sugar.

Tea without sugar would go better with an already sugary dessert.