Sunday, 19 April 2015

All you can do is practice

The two essential items for roll sushi is makisu (bamboo mat) 
and your hands.

Bamboo Mat

The bamboo mat is worth investing in if you are getting into making sushi.
You can find them in Japanese and Chinese food shops or via the internet.

I've seen someone using grease proof paper before.
I tried it but it is difficult to control the strength and texture whilst rolling, 

Grease proof paper.

Make Vinegar Rice

How to make Sushi Rice Vinegar

Rice vinegar  90ml
Sugar     3 table spoons
   Salt       half table spoon

(Sushi Rice Vinegar is optional)

You can add whatever you like. Here are a few examples.

Place the items at the end

Roll it firmly with the content with seaweed

Soft but firm pressure with the hands

All you can do is practice

Good Luck!

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