Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to make Miso Soup in a relaxed manner

Lots of British people like Miso soup and 
you can buy Miso soup paste in many U.K. supermarkets now. It's so simple to make and it's perfect for a cold night in.

1.) Boil the water

2.) Chuck whatever you want; onions, potatoes, spinach, beans, seaweed etc.
Two or three items at once would be good. The most popular item is tofu and radish in Japan.

(Be careful not to put too many things in though, it'll just overflow!)

3.) Do not boil for too long. 
Remember that the texture of each item is very important.

4.) Put the soybean paste in and gently stir it.  
As soon as the paste melts;
it's ready!

I've put tofu and spinach in mine.

You're probably wondering how do I know how much paste you're supposed to put in...

Just keep giving it a taste. If you think it's too salty, add hot water. Or if it's too watery, then add more paste!

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