Thursday, 26 March 2015

70% of Japanese people's body are made of soybeans

Japanese people eat lots of soybeans from miso soup, soy sauce to tofu.
They are called meat from the field and a good protein is included.

This is a must-have item at home.
I usually buy long-life firm tofu in a box of 12.

Here is a recipe for Avocado Tofu, which makes a perfect starter dish.

1 Avocado
 1 tofu
   Single cream 4 table spoons
Milk 3 table spoons
Sugar  2 tabel spoons
Vegetable gelatine 10g
and lemon

Mix everything and put them into a blender/liquidiser
and put it in the container and cool it.

Serve with wasabi soy sauce or vinegar soy sauce

Inspired by my friend, KOT 

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