Monday, 23 February 2015

Bubble & Squeak Rule

After being away from the UK for 12 years, guess what a friend of mine wanted to eat first.

His mother's homemade Bubble and Squeak!

We all have our version of Bubble and Squeak in our minds, meaning we all have something we crave so bad from time to time, whether it's a cup of tea loaded with sugar, chocolate, that slice of cake... and you keep telling yourself "No, you can't have it. I need to be healthy".

Good news. Don't be so hard on yourself. You don't need to give them up!
If you love sugary tea, then just have it in the morning, but compromise with brown sugar. Eventually you'll see how nice tea actually is without all that sugar!

Have you ever food-binged the entire day, then felt completely guilty afterwards? Don't worry. These things happen, just don't make it a habit. Tomorrow's another day, you can start again.

Healthy eating isn't a chore. Relax and enjoying it is the principle of the message I bring across in this blog.

"Never give up on someone (something) you cannot go a day without thinking about!"

This is my Bubble & Squeak

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