Monday, 23 February 2015

Chopsticks can make you slim

Yes, if you are non- Asian who think that the chopsticks are just two pencils.

In the hypothalamus in the brain, there is an eating centre and a satiety centre where appetite is controlled and when this satiety centre can be even controlled well, you can diet easily. These two functions can be compared to an accelerator and the brake in car. The eating centre says 'go on, eat more' and the satiety centre says 'slow down, that's enough'. It takes 20 minutes for the body to realise when you are getting full, so it's important to take it slow and prevent yourself from over eating! There are tactics you can use to take control over the speed at which you eat. Here's one...


According to the Daily Mail, chopsticks influence the way we eat. This, however, only applies to non-Japanese people because for them chopsticks require work resulting in taking longer to eat, therefore we can judge when we are getting full.  So, if you're a beginner with chopsticks or you cannot use them at all, then perfect! 

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